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virtuouswisdom's Journal

9 December 1989
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Twilight Princess, coming from the point just before Midna returns, and is in her early twenties. She's tall, willowy, and under those skirts and petticoats there's a pair of good hardy boots. Like all of her predecessors she's blonde haired, blue eyed, pointy eared, and considered quite the beauty amongst her own people. Wise, intelligent, righteous to a fault, Zelda has a somewhat naive concept of justice but knows how to make the decisions anyway.
Zelda is, by far, not someone you would expect to find in Purgatorium. She is virtuous and righteous to an extreme, good, kind, noble and just. She is intelligent, capable, confident but humble, and above all, wise, for she holds a sacred relic which works essentially as a gift from the Goddesses. It grants her psychic and magical abilities, whilst also helping her keep a clear, rational mind – essential for one who is the sole monarch of a large realm.

A selfless and righteous individual, Zelda always strives to make the best decisions for her people, and this means adhering to the concept of a greater good. Inevitably, some are left excluded from this, and she can seem cold and too impartial when in reality all of her actions are done out of love for her people. Indeed, her constantly taking the moral high ground can be infuriating, because sometimes in achieving the greater good morals do not factor – even the best of rulers become hypocrites in one way or another.

Her ever cool and calm exterior belie something far more passionate – Zelda will fight to the bitter end for what she believes in, and one of her strengths is her tenacity and determination. She can handle stress and pressure with an almost unfalteringly level-head, being slow to anger and panic.

Beyond the ruler, Zelda is someone who enjoys learning new and different things, be it a new language or a new story. She enjoys meeting new people, and does her best to help where she can. Despite being a dignified, silken-gloved princes in appearance, she is willing to work as hard as she has to. Like most of her race, there is the hint of the naïve in her outlook, that everything should be clearly cut, but her piece of the Triforce helps to temper this.

Zelda is someone who is constantly striving to do the best she can for those around her, be they her subjects or not. She is a good ruler, and exceptionally wise – even to be in her presence is soothing – but not even the gift of the Goddesses make her set above the pride, envy, and wrath of others. It simply helps her combat and control it.
- Wisdom
- Intelligence
- Just
- Thoughtful
- Kind
- Altruistic
- Archery
- Basic swordplay
- Magic
- Clairvoyance
- Naivety
- Inexperienced
- Proud
- Can be deceptive
- Trusting
- Strict morals
- Worrier
- Judgemental
- Lonely
- Physically weak
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